Topcon GMS-2 GPS settings

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Topcon GMS-2 GPS settings

Postby markocs » Thu Oct 01, 2009 2:47 pm

When starting using Topcon GMS-2 with DigiTerra Explorer, you should do following initial settings.

:arrow: I. Check and modify GPS settings if necessary
1. Start CE-CDU program by clicking on the shortcut:

2. Search for "Configuration > Survey > Tracking Options..." menu, and start Tracking Options panel:

3. Use the following settings:
Code multipath reduction: On
Phase multipath reduction: Off
Cinderella: On (when using a GLONASS-enabled receiver, should be always Off!)
Satellite system: GPS+GLONASS
Antenna: Internal
Elevation mask, deg: 5

4. When finished settings, tap on File menu > Exit

:arrow: II. Setup DigiTerra Explorer on GLONASS-enabled receivers
:!: (If necessary, upgrade the software!)
1. Start the software

2. Tap on Settings panel > DGPS, and use the following settings:

3. Activate your GPS receiver

You are now able to receive GLONASS and NAVSTAR satellites at the same time! :D

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