COM port settings for Magellan MobileMapper 6

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COM port settings for Magellan MobileMapper 6

Postby Balazs Hober » Tue Nov 18, 2008 2:42 pm

1.) First, read the MM6 FAQs v2.1 page 5/9, question Nr. 23:
Link: ... 20v2.1.pdf
23. How should I configure a COM port for NMEA output (to a GIS software
running on the device)?
The MobileMapper 6’s GPS engine will output the NMEA 0183 V2.2 data (to a GIS SW
installed on the device, not to an external device). The configuration of the GPS port is: 9600
baud rate, 8 bit, no parity. It appears in the operating system as COM1 (physical port). COM1
is a two way port, that allows one to manage SiRF GPS engine by means of SiRF control
It is also possible to configure a GPS program virtual port e.g. COM2 port (tap Start > Settings
> System > External GPS). The virtual port is one-way only, thus the GIS application will be
able to read NMEA data, but will not be able to send SiRF control commands.
Note: If the virtual port COM is used by any application, the physical port COM1 is no longer
available until the virtual port COM is free.

2.) Next, open the Settings panel > GPS tab and use: COM2, 9600
or find the GPS port automatically with the Search button on the same panel.
The automatic port searching function for MobileMapper 6 works correctly in DigiTerra Explorer or above.

Download link to the latest version: ... de_package

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