What do I have to do if my SD card damaged?

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What do I have to do if my SD card damaged?

Postby Balazs Hober » Wed Dec 03, 2008 3:50 pm

We can solve this issue in the following way (if your SD card is not physically damaged):

First option: In that case if you have a backup of the license.dat file from the \BIN path of the SD card, copy this file back to the \BIN path after you reformatted the SD card.
Second option: We provide a replacement guarantee of 1 year. In case any damage or data loss occurs, please return your SD card or USB hardware key back, and we will replace it free of charge + delivery cost.
Source: http://digiterra.hu/en/purchase/terms-and-conditions

While any backup is better than no backup, it is best to implement a regular routine to guarantee your backup is as current as the data on your computer in case of a catastrophe. However, all data loss is not the result of a catastrophe (damaged SD card, for example). Sometimes files are accidentally deleted and the deletion is not detected for several days or weeks, in which case the file may be permanently unavailable (depending upon your backup routine).

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