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Code dictionary: Code, Name, Description, Color and Type

Posted: Tue Jan 13, 2009 12:30 pm
by Balazs Hober
Some of our users want to know what is the meaning of Code, Name, Description, Color and Type items in the Code Dictionary file (General.CDT; *.CDT) and how to use them.

There is a default Code Dictionary in the system path of the software, its name is General.cdt.
- on mobile device: SD Card/Bin/General.cdt
- on desktop PC: C:\Program Files\DigiTerra Explorer 5\General.cdt

But you can use custom Code Dictionary files with .CDT extension based on the header of the Gereal.CDT file

Code: Select all

Code Dictionary CDT for DigiTerra Map and Explorer softwares.
Made by: DigiTerra Inc. 1996-2008. All rights reserved.
Please do not modify the codes, even do not delete any of it!

To create new codes please previously check with us.
The names and the labels of the field can be modified optional.
Enter the name of the fields after the ’#’ or ’$’ signs in the row.

The fields name cannot contain space, dot and comma characters.
The program cuts the numerical characters in the name.
More fields name can be added separating them by comma.
The ’#’ sign defines a numerical, the „$’ sign a text codeset.
In the rows after the names are the codes.
The set-up of the code: code name (description) (color) (type)

Tabs separate the items. The last three items can be left.
The order of the description, the color and the type is optional.
You have to start the description with an alphabetical, the color 0x, the type with numerical characters.
The specification will be closed by an empty row, or a row that does not start with numerical value.
Until the next ’#’ or ’$’ signs optional comments can be placed.

Let me give an example! We would like to produce the following Code Dictionary:

Code: numerical "#" or text "$" code, this will be stored in the attribute table of the vector layer ( or in a simple data table)
Name: the short name of the code in the pick list
Description: the long name of the code in the pick list (if the Description exists it appears in the pick list instead of the short name)
Color: the hexadecimal color of the code (It is very useful to classification!)
Image Image
Point and area feature: Fill color
Image Image
Line feature: Line color
Image Image
Type: the Symbol type, Line type or the Fill type of the code (It is very useful to classification!)
Symbol 3: line 4 in List3 codeset

Code: Select all

#   List3
1   Option1   Description of Option1   0xdeffff   0
2   Option2   Description of Option2   0x86ddff   1
3   Option3   Description of Option3   0x23ffff   2
4   Option4   Description of Option4   0x82ff4b   3

Image Image
Point feature: Symbol type
Line feature: Line type
Area feature: Fill type

Re: Code dictionary: Code, Name, Description, Color and Type

Posted: Mon Jul 13, 2009 4:11 pm
by plavadinho
I have tried to create my own dictinary for field surveying of forestry but i still don t understand it.

The General.cdt that is in the SD Card have a lot of information but that is in Hungarian i think. I cannot find the options in English and even if i select the General.cdt in the setting tab i continue not to see it when i colect data.

It is possible to show me a video of the process?

Here i show an example of a pick list i want to characterize some elements on the field:

# Specie
1 Cork
2 Pine
3 Eucalyptus
4 Birch

# Status
1 Live
2 Dead

# Ocupation
1 Forest
2 Agriculture
3 SetAside
4 Urban

# Habitat
1 Type1
1 Type2

# StreamType
1 River
2 Canal
3 Creek

Altough i created this cdt file i am not able to see it nor select it.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Code dictionary: Code, Name, Description, Color and Type

Posted: Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:53 am
by Balazs Hober
Let's have a look at the following video tutorial for more help:

2 more questions:
1. The CDT file is used for every type of vector file on the field (point, line, area)? Is it the basis of every characterization for every vector file?

Of course. It can be used for all of your vector files, but you need to use the same Field name in the attribute table of the layer which one is located in the code dictionary.

2. Which is the best way to have personalized and unchanged “Code Lists” used for data collection? We would like to create based types of “code lists” for each type of work (forestry, mining, urban utilities, etc) so when we start any collection we could have already this codes with no records yet every time we have a different job.

Create a new .cdt file in the SD card of the software, and then select it on the Settings panel > Record tab > with the Code dictionary button. You can combine the code dictionary with datatable templates (and the default values and rules in the template), so the data collection will be very easy on the field.

Any question?

Re: Code dictionary: Code, Name, Description, Color and Type

Posted: Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:05 pm
by plavadinho

All works fine now.

One more issue: Can i add atributes that are of multiple choice? Like the last file can i create a pick list that i can choose in the StreamType both River
and Canal for the same element?

Thanks again!

Re: Code dictionary: Code, Name, Description, Color and Type

Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2009 3:26 pm
by Balazs Hober
You can find my reply as a new topic here: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=147