How to add a new item to the picklist on the software?

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How to add a new item to the picklist on the software?

Postby Balazs Hober » Fri Feb 27, 2009 10:43 am

Some of our customers want to know if they can have a blank space at the end of they picklist. Is there a way of having a blank as part of the list in the General.cdt or other *.cdt file?

1. Before you want to select the mentioned new item from the picklist on the "Form view" you need to add it on the Record panel in "List view".

2. Tap the Records button on the Pan frame (or tap the Records button on the toolbar). This is the List view of the attribute table of your vector layer.

3. Tap the Value of the "Object" Field where you want to add a new item.

4. The code dictionary to the picklist of the Object Field now displays.

5. Tap and hold the stylus on the white part of the Code dictionary editor to display the menu.

6. Select the "Add new code" option and type the "CODE" -space- "NAME" value: eg. "3 Bus stop 3" as a new item of the picklist. Tap OK.
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Now you have added a new item to the picklist!

Let's see this video how it works exactly!

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