How to use the Setup.exe in the new Mobile version?

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How to use the Setup.exe in the new Mobile version?

Postby Balazs Hober » Mon Sep 07, 2009 12:14 pm

In your Upgrade Package (from 07.05.09) is a Setup.exe include (Changelog 573)! The Installation File DTEXPV5Setup.exe is not include. The user will be confuse, if install the Desktop version of DigiTerra from SD-Card, because the Setup.exe don't work an PC.

Answer: Setup.exe can be used for Topcon GMS-2 only!
Please, read again thoughtfully how to use the Setup.exe file in Changelog_ENG.txt:
" + [#573] Use Setup.exe in the root path of the SD card to install the software on Topcon GMS-2.
This is necessary on this device, because the Autorun.exe is not usable on it to create
the shortcuts and make the default settings. You can start the software by its shortcuts
on Topcon GMS-2 device."

Download the Desktop version (DTEXPV5Setup.exe) from the following link: ... op-version for your PC.
The mentioned two files are totally different. Please, note! We always publish the Mobile and the Desktop version in two different package.

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