How to use ArcGIS geodatabase with DigiTerra Explorer?

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How to use ArcGIS geodatabase with DigiTerra Explorer?

Postby Balazs Hober » Fri Jul 30, 2010 1:58 pm

We have ArcGIS system in our computers and we have some data bases. Does DigiTerra Explorer can be compatible with our ArcGIS data bases? We want to use the same data base structures in ArcGIS and in field software. Thank you for your answers.

I can advice a simple, but indirect way how to use ArcGIS geodatabase in DigiTerra Explorer:

1. Create an ESRI Shape layer export from the geodatabase
2. Build an .APM project in ArcGIS by using the ArcPad toolbar from the exported layers
3. Create the .APL layer definition files if required (it can be used automatically on the data capture form!)
4. Open the .APM project in DigiTerra Explorer


Some additional explanation for the used terms:
APM (ArcPad Map file) --> Similar to an MXD file (ArcMap project file), the APM file stores map layers included and layer settings, map extent and projection, as well as ArcPad defined symbology
APL (ArcPad layer definition files) --> It contains custom symbology exported from ArcMap, as well as the data entry forms which may contain scripts that enter information such as current Latitude and Longitude into fields, as well as drop down menus that make entering data easier

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