Getting the boundaries of the farm by using Topcon X20

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Getting the boundaries of the farm by using Topcon X20

Postby Balazs Hober » Wed Sep 29, 2010 10:00 am

The same as my last request, the client have a Topcon RTK system on his farm. The base station is fixed. Then he have tractors with Topcon rovers with X20 computers in them. The farms is just open fields with no boundaries. There is just coordinates on paper that shows the boundaries or corner posts. Further on there is a known point where the actual coordinate is known.

The farmer wants to take his tractor to the known point put the receiver on this point and put in the known coordinate for the position. From here he wants to go to the coordinates of the corner posts to get the boundaries on the farm. We already bought the DigiTerra Explorer software on usb memory stick for the Topcon X20. We have gps and full functions on the program as on a laptop. It is just about the application we want to know.
:idea: source:, Precision Farming, Modimolle, South Africa

Please follow the next steps in the software:
1. First create a new map with the Image New Map tool. Select a map precision and the suitable projection on the New map dialog box to the mapping project you wish to create.

2. Then create a new point feature layer with the Image New Layer button on the Layers dialog box to store the known point in it.

3. Now you need to add a new point feature into this point layer by using the Image Point drawing tool. After you have selected this tool Tap and hold / Right click on the screen to display the Point context menu to enter the coordinates of the known point.

4. Next activate the Image Navigate to Target tool on the previously added point feature and Navigate to target by this waypoint.

Navigate to target by waypoints (added target at the tapping location on the map view)

:idea: Please, note that you can navigate to this target directly by applying the "Navigate to target by given WGS84 or projected coordinates" method (Tap and hold / Right click on the screen to display the Target dialog when the Navigate to Target tool is activated.)

Navigate to target by given WGS84 or projected coordinates
Image Image

5. Finally you have already found the known position on the field with the Navigate to Target function a new polyline feature layer needs to be created to store the boundary of the parcel. At this part of the tutorial there are three ways to solve the task:

A.) The coordinates of the known corner points can be added into the point feature layer by applying point 3 and then you can draw the boundary of parcel into the polygon layer by using the ImagePolygon drawing tool on the previously stored point features.

B.) :idea: The boundary of the parcel can be also stored by using the New vertex dialog after you have selected the Image Polygon drawing tool.

C.) And of course the boundary can be captured by using the Image GPS survey panel if you previously stored the positions of the known corner posts.

The opened GPS survey dialog box

:arrow: Should you need any further assistance or any question about this tutorial, don’t hesitate to send a reply here.

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