Getting Started: creating a project to collect GPS data

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Getting Started: creating a project to collect GPS data

Postby Krisz » Fri Mar 02, 2012 5:45 pm

Insert the SD Card into your device. The software starts automatically.
(Note: If the device is TopCon GMS-2, please run the „Setup_Topcon_GMS-2.exe” from the SD card's root.)
Once the software configured itself at the first time you can access DigiTerra Explorer at the following places:
    > Start menu: Programs ...
    > or, from the Home screen menu item called: DigiTerra Explorer 6

Once the program started select your language.

The Europe map appears. This is the default start map.
You have to disable it:
Go to the 1st popup menu (tap the 1st black up-arrow)
Select 'Settings'.
The 1st tab, called Map, please uncheck the Startup map option.
(Or, you can select the another map, just click the startup map button, and browse the proper map. You can find exapmles from SD Card/Maps directory.)

OK, go to the GPS tab - This is the 3rd tab.
Set up the GPS connection via COM port and set up proper Baud rate. It can be setting up autamtically, if you click the binoculars icon.

If we can set up, message apperas, but – another case – you have to st it up manually.
OK. The very basic setting is done!
- You can use NTRIP, and lot of other options, please check the manual:
DigiTerra Explorer Reference guide
Close 'Settings'.
Exit DigiTerra Explorer. Select the 1st menu, and click Exit.

Start a new work:
Start DigiTerra Explorer 6. (Start button --> Programs)
New window appears: Set up projection and precision. (This belongs to the project, not the layers!)
First you have to decide what is your desired method: geographic or projected. Next, you have to decide your map precision: from meter to millimeter. (This is not affected to your GPS precision, it depends on the GPS hardware system.)
If you would like to use WGS-84 system, you have to select geographic method.
When you selected projected method, you have to select your desired datum.
OK, let’s start GPS data collection. First, we need a layer.
Open layer manager: 1st popup menu, New layer

Select the place of the layer – I suggest to make a new directory to the project.
For example: SD Card \ Maps \ My 1st map project\
Give the name of the layer: ’1st area’
Select layer type: default is „map” – it is faster on devices, but you can select directly the ESRI Shape. (If you selected ’map’ instead of shape – no problem. You can save/Export as the ’map’ as ESRI Shape later.)
Ok, and the next window appears. In this window, you can select the type of geometry. Select ’area’.
You can use data templates, if you check the checkbox. Check it, and select ’GNSS_quality_template’!
(The new layer is editable and the editable layer (1st area) marked with the pencil symbol.)

You can start GPS measure now!
See it in this video:

- and some information about advanced data capturing:

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