A brief look at customization

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A brief look at customization

Postby Balazs Hober » Wed Mar 21, 2012 9:59 am

Is there any development kit for the DigiTerra Explorer?

There is no development kit for DigiTerra Explorer, but we can provide the following features below to customize it without programming:

- Customizable user interface with tools and command definitions: http://www.digiterra.hu/wiki/en/downloa ... itions.htm
- Device based configuration: http://www.digiterra.hu/wiki/en/downloa ... n_file.htm
- Code dictionary: http://www.digiterra.hu/wiki/en/downloa ... ionary.htm
- Build relations between attribute tables without programming: http://www.digiterra.hu/wiki/en/downloa ... tables.htm
- Use default attribute field values and rules during the data capture: http://www.digiterra.hu/wiki/en/downloa ... og_box.htm
- Attribute table templates: http://www.digiterra.hu/wiki/en/downloa ... mplate.htm
- You can customize existing projections or you can create new ones: http://www.digiterra.hu/wiki/en/downloa ... og_box.htm, http://www.digiterra.hu/wiki/en/downloa ... og_box.htm
- You can configure the appearance of Message boxes: http://www.digiterra.hu/wiki/en/downloa ... ssages.htm
- Map templates

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