How to use CHC LT400 with DigiTerra Explorer 6

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How to use CHC LT400 with DigiTerra Explorer 6

Postby Balazs Hober » Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:26 am

Installed DigiTerra Explorer v6.12.7.10 or later
Installed LTSet V1.0 on CHC LT400

I. Activate internal GPS module in LT400
Turn on LT400, tap the on the desktop, turn on GPS.

II. Set the GPS port with LTSet V1.0
Tap START Menu -> Setting -> System -> Internal GPS

In Command menu, set the NMEA 0183 data output: GGA, GSV, GSA, GST, RMC, GLL
(Attention: The data output port is com3, band rate 19200 )

III. Configure the External GPS port
Go to START menu->Setting-> System > External GPS,

In GPS Programs port-> set as COM1 or COM7

In GPS Hardware port -> must set as COM3 and 19200.

IV. Set GPS port in DigiTerra Explorer
Start DigiTerra Explorer (v6.12.7.10 or later)
Go to File menu > Settings > GPS TAB -> set the Port as COM3 and the Baudrate as 19200

Connect to the GPS port on the GPS state panel or by creating a new layer and then opening the GPS Survey panel
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