Working with TruPulse 360B

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Working with TruPulse 360B

Postby Balazs Hober » Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:09 am

How to connect the rangefinder to Magellan MobileMapper CX?
Take a look at the following tutorial: attmts/digiterraexplorer/TP360/DigiTerra_Explorer_5_with_the_360B_Trupulse.pdf

Creating point features with the rangefinder
Take a look at the following tutorial: attmts/digiterraexplorer/TP360/Creating_point_features_with_rangefinder.pdf

Creating a line or area feature with the rangefinder
Take a look at the following tutorial: attmts/digiterraexplorer/TP360/Creating_a_line-or-area_feature_with_rangefinder.pdf

How to add a GPS position to the rangefinder measurement in DigiTerra Explorer?
Take a look at the following tutorial: attmts/digiterraexplorer/TP360/How_to_add_GPS_position_to_the_rangefinder_measurement.wmv

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Re: Working with TruPulse 360B on MM100

Postby peterm » Thu Jan 27, 2011 5:34 pm

This is a shortcut, how to set up connection via Bluetooth between Ashtech MM100 and TruPulse 360B.

at first set up the TruPulse
Turn on TruPulse.
To toggle the Bluetooth selection:
1. From the Measurement Mode, press UP buuton for 4 seconds to access the System Setup Mode.
“UnitS” will appear in the Main Display.
2. Press UP button to display the “bt” option as shown in Figure #12 below.
3. Press FIRE button to select the Bluetooth Enable Mode.
4. Press UP or DOWN button to display the other “bt” option.
5. Press FIRE button to select the “bt_on” or “btoFF” and return to the Measurement Mode.

Then step into MM100 bluetooth manager
Tap on: Add new device
The TP360B-XXXXX (serial number) will appear.
For establish the secure connection the MM100 need a passkey.
This will be: 1111

!!! At first you need to check the "Mode" tab below, "Turn in Bluetooth" and "Make this device visible..." should be checked!!!

Then tap onto "COM Ports" tab, and tap on "New outgoing Port".
The TP360B-XXXXX will appear. Tap on "Next" on the bottom right.
Set the port: COM7 and check out "Secure Connection".

Tap on FINISH.

Then on the DigiTerra Explorer's Settings dialog box>Rangefinder tab set the port: COM7
and tap on "Connect" button.

That's all.

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Re: Working with TruPulse 360B

Postby Balazs Hober » Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:23 pm

How to use Trupulse 360B with DigiTerra Explorer 6 Professional?

I also would need to show the offset function, using a TruPulse 360B. The purpose is to position door entries on buildings, sitting in a car on the road 5-100 meters away. As I can see there is no module or tool for that in the downloaded software (DigiTerra EXPLORER 6, DESKTOP version). Can you please help me to get such a function / tool? If I have understood it correctly that is an add-on extension or just available in the Professional version, am I right?

In DigiTerra Explorer you can use the offsef function only in the Professional edition, but there is no limitation in the Trial version if you want to try it out (except the export of the captured points/vertices). Please follow these steps below how to use it with TP360B.

1. Remember to enable the Trupulse 360B for Bluetooth operation before commencing this procedure
2. First of all Press the Fire Button on the Trupulse and make sure it is in SD Mode (Slope Distance), then Turn the Bluetooth on in your Handheld/Tablet to pair/connect them
3. Now go into DigiTerra Explorer, Select Settings and select the Rangefinder Tab
4. Select the com port number you have previously defined between them (No Parity, Baud 9600, 8 Bits, 1 Stop Bit)
5. Now Take a shot with the Trupulse Laser, then touch the Connect Button (You will now see a line of data at the bottom of the Rangefinder). Close this panel at the top of the screen once the connection established.

6. Now select the Tools > Survey Command dtToolSurvey
8. Touch the P1=GPS button to locate your position or tap on the screen on a given position if you want to select your position by touching the screen
9. Look through the Trupulse 360B and take a shot to the first object, (you will see the distance and angle appear in the windows.) If you are measuring to more than one object Point and shoot at the next object, the next distance and angle will appear in the window after the first set of readings. Continue until all the objects are collected from this position.
10. When you have finished touch the ADD button (this command opens the Create Layer file dialog and then the New Layer dialog to create a point, line or area feature layer for the captured points/vertices).This will place the objects that you have surveyed on the screen. Close the Survey window by touching the x.
11. Now go into the Records and fill in the data about the objects you have surveyed if necessary.

Have a look at the Survey tool in the Reference Manual here: ... oolbar.htm for more detailed information.

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