Connecting MM 100 GPS to PC via Bluetooth

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Connecting MM 100 GPS to PC via Bluetooth

Postby peterm » Thu Feb 10, 2011 6:02 pm

Please follow the following steps to connect the MM 100 with Computer via Bluetooth to see the GPS position:

1. in MM 100: go to start menu/GNSS Toolbox/NMEA output
2. In NMEA output panel you can see the settings, set the Port: COM7 (bluetooth) and baud rate: 115200
3. On Messages panel check the following boxes: GGA; GLL; GSA; GSV; RMC; ZDA
4. Tap on OK button
5. in MM 100: go to Start menu/settings and tap on Bluetooth icon.
6. Connect your PC to the device via Bluetooth.
On the "Mode" tab turn on Bluetooth and Make the device visible for other devices
Tap on "Add new device..." (Make sure your PC is visible for other BT devices)
Give an authentication code for the connection.

7. When you are ready please check the device is connected or not in the Bluetooth manager in your PC. Click on the PDA icon in the Bluetooth Manager window, and select Hardware panel.There you can see the Name and the Type of the connection, what the PDA via Bluetooth uses. Click on the Properties and there can you see the used port for communocation. (At me it was: COM 26)
Click on OK if you are ready

8. Start DigiTerra Explorer PC version and on GPS settings panel select the port what computer uses for communication (COM26)
Set the baud rate to 115200

Now you can see the satellites, and the position.

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