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Software upgrade regulation

Postby Balazs Hober » Fri Jan 20, 2012 11:37 am

My client like to know if he buy the DigiTerra software for Promark100, is the upgrades in the future will be free of charge?

Yes, every upgrade for registered users on our website are free of charge within the major version. The major version is now: "6".
You can also find more information about the upgrade regulation on this page: ... tions.html under "6. New versions, upgrades":
6. New versions, upgrades
Software updates and upgrades within a version can be downloaded from our website. For registered users these are free of charge (for example upgrade from DigiTerra Explorer to New version releases (like change from v5 to v6) can be bought separately, for price information please contact us or our local reseller.

Please be adviced that existing DigiTerra Explorer 5 software can only be upgraded to Explorer 6 Professional Edition by replacing the SD card. In case you wish to upgrade a software connected to a USB hardware-key, it has to be replaced as well. Before you return your SD card, please make sure to make a copy of your maps and data so that you can load them back into the new software. This is not necessary if you use a USB-hardware key, since in this case all data are stored on your desktop computer. After receiving the SD-card or the USB-hardware key, we send back the new software immediately.

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