How to make your customized attribute table template?

If you want to know:
- how to customize an attribute table
- how could you create pick lists and use it with code dictionaries
- how to work with the default values and rules
... how to use the smart capabilities of the software in the above issues.

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How to make your customized attribute table template?

Postby peterm » Tue Feb 09, 2010 1:41 pm

In the following description you will find 13 steps about 'How to make your customized attribute table tamplate?'

1. Start your DigiTerra Explorer Version 6 on your PC!
2. Open the 'Layers' window! (The small icon in the top left corner - looks like paper layers above each other)
3. Tap on the 'New layer' icon In the 'Layers' window!
4. Make a new layer by selecting DigiTerra's own *.map extension, and then tap on the 'OK' button!
6. After you have saved the new layer, you can see a window with a text 'New Layer' in the header. There is button below: 'New template'. Tap on it!
7. Now, you have to choose the saving directory for your own tamplate. Choose any folder you wish!
8. In the appearing window you can start to edit the first field of your template.
9. In the field, named 'Default', you can give a parameter, wich will be used by the program for as automatically filled value. (For example: If you choose 'Area of geometry (m2)', the default value will be the area of the specific polygon in sq meter)
10. Give the type of the field!
(Choosing 'Long Integer', the appearing value contains only integer numbers. 'Float' means, that program displays the value with 2 decimals, and using the 'Double' function the values will appear with 4 decimals)
11. Set the 'Rule' field, what kind of rules you want to use!
(For example: If you set the 'Read only' option, the user can't owerwrite this field manually, unless the geometry of the polygon will be edited.)
12. To save the settings, tap on the 'OK' button.
13. The program offers to add a new field. When choosing 'Yes', please repeat the above steps from 7 to 12. If you tap on the 'No' button, the program will close editing of the template.

It is quite easy, isn't it?

It's usefull, when you save the customized template into the /Templates folder. If you want to use this template in your PDA too, copy the file (template.TAB) to your device. (So copy the file with .TAB extension, into your SD card\Templates folder)

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