How to create multiple choice pick lists?

If you want to know:
- how to customize an attribute table
- how could you create pick lists and use it with code dictionaries
- how to work with the default values and rules
... how to use the smart capabilities of the software in the above issues.

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How to create multiple choice pick lists?

Postby Balazs Hober » Thu Aug 12, 2010 2:09 pm

There is a code set whereof we want to select more than one value to an attribute.

Code set:

Code: Select all

//This is the name of the attribute:
#   Condition

//These are the selectable values:
1   crown dieback
2   decay/hollow trunk
3   leaning/uplifting root plate
4   natural retenchment
5   root decay
6   no problem

Please, follow the steps below

1. Create a point, line or polygon layer depending on the feature type you wish to capture on the field. The layer format is DigiTerra Map (.MAP). Its attribute table will be the PARENT TABLE. Set this layer as edited on the Layers panel.

2. Create a new DigiTerra Tab (.TAB) attribute table. This will be a CHILD TABLE.
Now we have something like that on the Layers dialog:

3. Then we need to add the required key data field into the PARENT and into the CHILD TABLE as below:



:!: Please note that the applied Default values are different:
- Copy last value in the CHILD table
- Increment last value in the PARENT table

4. Next we need to add the selectable values one by one as new data fields into the CHILD table with the following field definitions: Default: Null; Type: Logical.


5. It is recommended (but not required) to add one "ID" field into each attribute table by using Increment Last value Default.
6. Finally we have to select the key data field as Link Field in the CHILD table Source dialog.


7. At the end save the project as an .EXP file and upload it into the mobile device.

:idea: Of course you can create more than one CHILD table based on the above by adding a new KEY data field into this CHILD and the PARENT table.

How will it work? Take a look at the following video tutorial:

:idea: This relation database model stores the selected values in a child data table by using key data field values in the Parent and in the Child table. It can be imported easily into any relation database: e.g. : into Access mdb, SQL, Oracle
Complete project in a RAR archive of the above sample.
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