Applying distance to last object default field value

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Applying distance to last object default field value

Postby Balazs Hober » Fri Sep 03, 2010 3:39 pm

We are picking up pipelines. If I use the average function on the GPS survey panel and at every tangent point of the pipeline I select the pause button to collect that position. Could DigiTerra Explorer display in the records the distances between each point? This is a similar calculation to the distance to last object, but we are collecting each run of the pipe so I need each run displayed.

Let me explain how this problem can be solved by using a point info layer with the distance to last object default attribute default field value. We will store each distances between two vertices during the data capture in a point feature layer (this will be the point info layer) and we will have a polyline feature at the end as well.

1. Create a point and a line feature layer
2. Add a "MeasureID" data field into the attribute table of each layer
Default = Measure identifier
Type = Text

3. Add a "Distance to last" data field into the point feature layer
Default = Distance to last object (custom)
Type: Float (4)

4. Set the point feature layer as Point info layer on the Layers dialog
5. Open the GPS survey panel and pick the check-box before the "Mean: " option
6. Follow the instructions on the screen during the data capture

Download this sample project to try it out now
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