How to configure Qmini M3 to use an SBAS satellite?

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How to configure Qmini M3 to use an SBAS satellite?

Postby Balazs Hober » Tue Jan 08, 2013 3:10 pm

1. Start DigiTerra Explorer or newer
(the latest version is available at or you can use the DigiTerra Webupdater in the Mobile version when your Qmini M3 is connected to the Internet)
2. Go to Settings > GPS tab > and click on Find GPS port button: Image
When you can see "Attention! GPS Port has been found." message tap OK.
The Port should be: COM3 and the Baudrate is: 19200

3. Now select the Send Command dialog > Tap on Command File button and select \SD Card\Scripts\QMINI-M3_EGNOS-ARTEMIS.txt and tap OK to configure the GNSS schip
at the end of this process you will be redirected back to the Send Command tab

4. Tap OK to close the Settings panel, go outside and try out SBAS in open sky environment
:idea: An open environment provides the best conditions for analyzing the performance of a GPS system. There are no external effects that can bias position results such as severe multipath effects that could be introduced by nearby obstructions.

DigiTerra Explorer contains the following SBAS (EGNOS) scripts in the /Scripts folder:
Please note, that you need to use the proper script depending on your geolocation. The following EGNOS status page will help you to decide which EGNOS satellite needs to be used in your country: ... ion/status. You can also find information about the EGNOS service access at ... ice-access

:idea: If you need a WAAS, MSAS or GAGAN correction to your QMINI M3 please let us know at
:idea: ...or if you need any other information about the above, just let me know. 8-)

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