How to use Map templates?

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How to use Map templates?

Postby Balazs Hober » Thu Jan 24, 2013 1:01 pm

Selecting a Map template on the New map dialog (at startup or by selecting the New Map tool in the File menu) prepares a ready to use data capture project in DigiTerra Explorer 7 Professional.

The New map dialog

In Explorer 7 Professional the known Map template feature from version 6 was enhanced to support not only selecting different projects, but use them as Map Templates based on the following workflow:

1. Create a Map template and save it in .EXP format to the following paths below with all of its layers, attribute tables and code dictionary

Code: Select all

Desktop version:
$DOCUMENTS\DigiTerra Explorer\MapTemplates

Mobile version:

Map templates path in the Mobile version (these samples available in the downloadable trial)
Image Image

2. Restart DigiTerra Explorer, select the Map template on the New map panel then create/select a folder where you want to store your vector layers and their attributes.

Map template and working folder selection
Image Image

3. Select an editable (template) layer and start data collection e.g. with the GPS Survey panel

Select a layer on the GPS Survey and start the data collection by tapping on the RECORD (red circle) button

:idea: FAQ & comments
:arrow: [ ] Use this template to the following projects and don't ask anymore: option displays only when the Startup Map option disabled on the Settings panel > Map tab. This option is disabled if the Use map template option = None. When a template selected here it is active and can be used as an option of the New map dialog box to continuously use the selected map template.
:arrow: - Availability of "Use map template feature" in different editions: only in version 7, Professional edition
:arrow: - Which layers can be used in the map template?
Every vector layer can be used as a template that you are using in the project without existing geometry/attribute records. If there are geometry/attribute records in the layer or if you are using Raster, TIN layers or code dictionary, the software will use them with relative path from their original location in the new project as background map. Projection, Labeling, classification, scale settings...etc. can also be used dynamically as in the New project.
:arrow: - How to create a template layer in the Map template?
Simply create a new layer and define its attribute table on the Record panel. You can also use attribute table templates to create the template layers to the map template much faster.

Please let me know if you have any question or concerns...
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