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Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2013 10:51 am
by Krisz
Set up CHC LT 400

General settings
Main screen 3. icon: "GPS Options"

GPS: Open
+ Open GPS on startup = Yes

Then go to Start -> Settings -> External GPS panel:
Programs: COM 4
Hardware: COM 3 - 19200
Access: Be sure the "Manage GPS automatically (recommended)" is UNCHECKED!

Autonomous GPS settings
Start DigiTerra Explorer 7 - go to GPS status -> Set button to go the GPS tab
Port: COM3 Baud: 19200

Then click to the Send Command tab (- you have to use the Professional version, to reach this tab)
.. then click on Command File button and run the proper script. (SD Card/Scripts/CHC_....txt)

DGPS over NTRIP GPS settings

A) Set up GPRS connection
Start - Settings - System tab, click"gprsset" icon...

On this new window click the "Set a new connection command:"
- Your mobile provider give you the APN name, frequently it is INTERNET, but somtimes it can be another word - Change the proper word in the next string:

Code: Select all



B) Initialize the internet connection
Start - Settings - Connections tab, "Connections" icon,
On the new window - in Settings: under MyISP click the row:
"Manage existing connections"
- Select the line "GPRS Connection" and "*99***1#" in Number, tap and hold and select "Connect".

C) Set up the NTRIP in DigiTerra Explorer 7
Settings -> DGPS tab, Correction: NTRIP,
IP/port/user/password: provided by the NTRIP provider.
Mount point:
- I suggest to you using "position-based" correction (- type: SGO)
And finally, set up the Port: COM4 19200