TopCon GRS-1 eGPS versions

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TopCon GRS-1 eGPS versions

Postby Krisz » Fri Dec 11, 2009 1:26 pm

Which version do I need ??
Standalone prices, 2010.q1
eGPSbasic = standalone price ~495 €
eGPSstandard = standalone price ~695 €
eGPScomfort = standalone price ~895 €
AND NOW the best:
:arrow: Integrated eGPS Complete and Digiterra Explorer Professional 6 Price, 2010.10.01.: just 990 €!

(If you buy both (Explorer v6 Pro and eGPS - called "DigiTerra Explorer v6 & eGPS", the prices are the best 990 € ! )
It depends on, what do you want.
A) egps BASIC:
- just use simple Glonass
B) egps Standard:
- you can use NTRIP DGPS and DGLONASS in L1 freq
C) egps Complete:
- you can use the RTK configuration

Please note, if you haven't eGPS - you cannot use DGPS, NTRIP, RTK!

:idea: Integrated eGPS Complete and Digiterra Explorer Professional 6
(Both softwares are modified - this is a highly-integrated package.)
Price, 2010 : 990 €

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